My Life And My Personal Culture Essay

1228 Words Oct 29th, 2015 null Page
Being a blond haired, blue eyed straight white male, you would think life would be easy right? My personal culture is affected by seven different aspects; Economic status, gender, abilities, age, location, sexual orientation, and adversities.
My whole life I have been underestimated, whether it was sports, school or anything else. I have always been undersized in sports. When i played football, I would be the shortest kid on the team. I would try my hardest, but no matter how good I did, people would push me down because of my size. I did great in sport camps, but because of the fact that I wasn 't very defined or big, i would never be able to compete with other players because the coaches didn 't give me a chance. When it came to school, I had a problem as a freshman. I was so scared of other people that if i knew i was going to be late, i would completely skip the hour so I didn 't have to walk in front of my class. I am still affected by anxiety and I am still small for my position, but i have gotten better and more confident. I started Varsity football and although I knew I had very little chance of getting anywhere after high school, and i 've gained extreme amounts of confidence which helped me become the person i am today. Not many people realize that being a middle class teenager is a lot harder than you 'd expect. I know everyone wants to be rich in this world, whether it 's rich in character, spirit, or overall just wealthy. Being low middle class has its…

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