My Life And My Military Essay example

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Two decades have passed since I graduated from high school and yet coming to terms with my fears of writing have proven to be an endless and painful endeavor. Even as I wrote these passages I couldn’t stop fidgeting. I still find my thoughts clouded with ideas to type, but those thoughts gave no true purpose. Although I have attempted to recall true personal achievement and I can’t. I concluded that my military life and not civilian has been my greatest achievement thus far, causing me to develop an inferiority complex. So to bridge the gap with my civilian life and my military world I choose to redefine myself in both military and academic achievements. So in the fall of 2014 I began to trudge the path of a middle aged student, balding student, with hopes of some form of enlightenment after the completion of my college degree. I have taken many college courses before, but never an English course to avoid possible embarrassment. Like I stated in my previous essay, the most uncomfortable thing I could ever imagine is to be assigned to write a short story.

During my previous deployments I noticed most of the advancing soldiers were taking some form of college or military classes, and it was the mix of the completing and scoring well in the class that drove those soldiers to be confident and further themselves in prospective career fields. The only development I had mastered were extreme excuses on why I had not attempted taking classes. Excuses like I work too…

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