My Letter For A New Outlook On Life Essay

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I hope you read my letter and get a new outlook on life. Hopefully my troubles will inspire you to lead a better life and recognize how good you have it. I have survived the great depression. I have survived the wars. However most importantly I have lived. No matter how hard life hit me, I always got back up. I found ways to overcome obstacles I once thought impossible. Here is my story…

I was the only child of my parents, William and Helen Lester. We lived in New York City for as long as I can remember. My mother loved the city and we’d spend every sunday in Central Park. Father would join us when he could. He was a well to do businessman who enjoyed working and staying busy. While he was around, I don 't ever remember money being a problem.

I was 15 when father came home one afternoon with a brand new Raggedy Ann Doll for me. He then told me that he signed up for the War and he didn’t know when he would be back. We had a tearful goodbye before my mother walked him to the train station down the street, wanting to spend a couple more minutes with the love of her life. My mother came back in hysterics less than an hour later, my father long gone. He was off on an adventure to a place he had never been with people he barely knew. He sent three letters back; one to tell us he got stationed in France, one to check in on us, and one to tell us about a mission he will be in.

On November 2, 1917, my father was killed in action when German troops conducted a trench raid. My…

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