My Leadership As A Leader Essay

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Am I ready to be a Leader?

Different roles in my life are giving me opportunities to be a manager and or a leader. My current leadership roles are at work, at church and in the community. As I reflect the question, am I ready to be a leader, my hope would be that yes, I am.
Some positions are just managerial, some require you to be a manager and a leader and some are only leader positions. You are more likely to be in a leadership only role the higher you are on the corporate ladder. Front line or middle management positions are usually a manager/leader combination.
My skills are stronger in management and I am continuously working on my leadership skills. I get stuck or pulled into what I call Management Land more often than I like.
Management is basically the same regardless of where or what you are doing. Management is being organized, it’s policies, procedures and processes. It is putting out fires and solving problems. As a manager, you make sure resources are available for everyone to perform their individual responsibilities. You need to be knowledgeable and able to teach others their job requirements for those positions that you are responsible for.
Leadership is different because it is about people. It is developing, coaching and mentoring. It is helping people grow and get better or get out. A leader is able to adapt and embrace change. They walk the talk, they have a vision that others want to achieve. Individuals have the desire to be better when they work…

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