My Journey With Literacy Has Been A Part Of My Life Essay

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My journey with literacy has been a part of my life and began before I even entered school. During my early days you would say I was a “repeater”. I repeated things that I would hear from my parents and people that were around me all the time. Some of them were good to say and some not so good to say. My parents always sat down and read to me. While growing up as well my parents worked a lot so my grandparents basically raised me by watching me in the morning and taking me to two by two, preschool and grade school. During the mornings I would watch watching a lot of Reading Rainbow and Sesame Street, I loved those shows so much, by listening and watching Big Bird, Elmo, The Count, and Oscar The Grouch helped me to learn, understand and apply my letters and numbers. My favorite books my Grandmother would read to me were “Chicka Chicka Boom Boom”, “Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?” “Clifford”,” Bernstein Bears”, “The Very Hungry Caterpillar”, and “Where The Sidewalk Ends”. She would read one of these books to me almost every day. After awhile I had memorized all the words to these books and poems, and could recite the words just by looking at the pictures on the page. These books, people and experiences would set the foundation of my literacy journey for me, and make me develop a passion for reading. But it was a process and it wasn’t always joy, laughing, fun, and flowers. Going into grade school I became fascinated and a little obsessed with sports…

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