My Job For A Job Manager Essay

1020 Words Mar 13th, 2015 5 Pages
If people who are hard workers and want a stable job for the Future is, Gardening, Mechanical, Maintenance and Grounds work Is the best job for them. In a business like Maintenance it could rather be an Independent Company that other companies hire to service them, or it could be a part of a company or business so the company doesn’t have to hire another maintenance company. When it comes to education needs and requirements companies always look for those that have experience in this profession, when a company is deciding between two people for one position, one person has a college diploma but no experience against the other who doesn’t have a college diploma but 1 or more years in the maintenance profession, the company will always pick the more experienced one unless they have a training course. Requirements that are seen constantly in the job descriptions for any Grounds and Maintenance job is, Needs to be able to stand for long periods of time, Needs to be able to lift X amount of pounds, Must be able to work in different work environments, must be able to work alone or with a team with little to no supervision. Grounds and Maintenance one of the most easiest jobs that could be learned but one of the hardest to manage time wise because there are many jobs that have to be done in window of time. This profession is one of the most stable jobs because even in a recession or depression these maintenance jobs will alway be needed. When a business like Grounds and…

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