My Interview On Middle Adulthood Essay

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The person I choose to interview was my mother Consuelo Mendez. She is 42 years old, which puts her in the middle adulthood stage. She grew up in a Mexican household with a huge family. She has nine sisters and one brother. She was only able to attend school up until her sixth grade, since she had to go help my grandpa in the field. My mom spent a lot of time outside in her backyard, climbing trees, running, and hanging out with her sisters and brother because my grandparents had a huge back yard with a lot of fruit trees.My mom is very sociable, she had lots of friends when she was younger. She was rarely allowed to go out and hang out with friends because my grandparents were really strict. She spent a lot of time at church because she was involved in the choir, church group and she would go to sunday church with my grandparents. My mom was highly involved in the church because of my grandma. I chose to do my interview on middle adulthood because I wanted to get a better understanding of the sort of changes my mom acquired or went through in her middle adulthood, so in the future when I’m her age, I can be prepared for what is to come for me. Throughout my conversation I will be covering physical changes of the body, Health and fitness, changes in mental abilities, information processing, Vaillant adaption to life, and Friendships.

One of the physical development that I used in my interview was the physical changes a middle adulthood goes through. ” In my opinion…

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