Essay on My Goals And Goals For School

2342 Words Oct 12th, 2016 10 Pages
As I was making my Ecomap I came to realize that my priorities are not completely met and that I might need to change my routine in order to feel satisfied with the goals I want to accomplish in life. As I look at my elements I see that I am focusing my energy mainly in school, which is acceptable since this will help me fulfill my goals of having a successful career one day. School is a positive energy and it brings me satisfaction when I finish a term with a good grade, but at the same time it can be depleting. I have to focus and give most of my time to school in order to fulfill my goal and receive good grades. School is a lot of dedication and at times I have to sacrifice other activities (such as family time, gym, friends) in order to finish school projects on time. I find school as a form of kinetic energy if I don’t put in enough effort and energy in school, I will not succeed therefore, I have to avoid any potential energy towards my education and move forward. Also, I have Family, family is definitely a positive energy I love being around my family, they are full of joy and make me feel happy the times I’m around them. My mother always tries to give my siblings and I advise and keeps us all together. Whenever I have the opportunity to spend time with them, I spend it since I am usually too busy with school and work. Not to mention what worries me at times is my mother’s health, she has high blood pressure and diabetes, she also has back problems which concerns me…

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