My Goal As An Aspiring Recreation Professional Essay

835 Words Apr 21st, 2016 4 Pages
In the reading assignment, “Reclaiming Community”, there were two different stories that were very, personally fulfilling to read about. My goal as an aspiring Recreation Professional is to do exactly what Lillie Lucket and Lucy Troisi did. They recognized a broken community and created a foundation for those community members to rebuild from and grow as a collective group. I think the main point of this paper is to show people that reclaiming community is like putting a puzzle together, you have to be patient and go piece by piece. At large, the puzzle is the problem and the pieces are the solutions. The puzzle pieces unite in efforts to complete the puzzle. In regards to Lucket’s and Troisi’s experiences with reclaiming community, their solutions didn’t fix the problem entirely, but they were a good step in the right direction. It will take a combination of many different solutions to fix the most common problems communities are facing. If the community garden was the only thing Lillie Lucket’s neighborhood could utilize to bond with each other, they would never have a true sense of community. What about the people who aren’t interested in gardening? What ways can these people become connected to the community? New project ideas need to be made toward meeting the needs and interests of all people. It is up to the community members to recognize a problem and ensure complete inclusivity in the solutions. In relation to the context of this course, it’s important for me and…

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