My Friend 's Church At Volunteer Essay

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This past weekend I had the chance to return to my friend’s church to volunteer. I helped with collecting donating food from church members, and helping serve the dinner that evening. This dinner was advertised around the surrounding community by the church members and there was a great mix of participants. Those ranging from mild food insecurity to those that are pretty well off, upper middle class. It was interesting to watch the interaction between these various diverse socioeconomic groups. I was very appreciative that I was invited back to help out at this event, as it was very influential in my consideration of food insecurity. I often assume that those that are well off or high middle class and upper class would prefer not to find themselves around and associating with those that are considered food insecure. This idea comes from the fact that they are less likely to cross paths with someone that is food insecure rather than someone that is classified at a more equivalent level. Although this is always purposeful, it does occur more often than not.
The general take away from this experience was the open interaction between everyone there. No one was judged, no one was unwelcome, no one unfriendly, it was a very positive environment to be in and I hope to be able to participate in something similar at some point. All in all everyone was welcomed and everyone was happy during their time there.
Before this moment I had strong opinions towards that fact that society is…

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