My Friend, A Popular Centric Music Taste By Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga, And Ariana Grande

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My friend, Jesse, can be described as having a popular centric music taste. Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga, and Ariana Grande are among his favorite artists today, with Pandora Radio being his go-to form of music listening. The upbeat nature of the songs Jesse listens to match his personality perfectly, as he is outgoing, eccentric, and has an overall cheerful demeanor. With some of his favorite songs mostly being top 40s hits, Jesse has a consistent, if not predictable, taste in music. Frank Ocean released Channel Orange, his debut studio album, on July 10, 2012. Classified as Alternative R&B, the album is just over one hour long, with seventeen tracks total. The album features vocals from artists such as John Mayer, André 3000, and Tyler, The Creator. Channel Orange has been widely appreciated, receiving an aggregate score of 92/100 on Metacritic. Additionally, of the forty-six critic reviews hosted on Metacritic, none fall under the "mixed" or "negative" categories (Metacritic).
Despite the alternative genre Channel Orange boasts, the album would be a good fit for Jesse and his complete personality. Connecting lyrically to an artist is an important part of enjoying music wholly, and many of the themes Ocean uses in his work will be similar to what Jesse faces in his own life. Because of these reasons, Jesse should purchase Frank Ocean 's Channel Orange.
Channel Orange 's reception is a large contributor as to why Jesse would most likely enjoy the album. With almost all critic…

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