Coraline Film Analysis

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Coraline, an unhappy girl, moves to the Pink Palace Apartments with her mother and father. Since Coraline is left to her own devices, she befriends her new neighbors and a boy who lives further down the lane. Later, she discovers an alternate world—one where everything is exactly the same but seems so perfect—so perfect that she would rather live there. However, things aren’t always as they seem. Coraline has to rescue herself and her parents from impending doom. Coraline Jones was voiced by Dakota Fanning, who did an excellent job at becoming Coraline. Her voice matched Coraline so well, you could hear the raw emotion behind the animated actor. Coraline wasn’t exactly a little sweetheart to everyone, but she was brave and that is what counts in this story. Tari Hatcher voiced the Mother and the Other Mother, who was convincing enough to portray three sides of the same character. The Mother was impatient and unavailable to Coraline due to her upcoming gardening book. On the other hand, the Other Mother was kind, attentive and super sweet to Coraline but deceiving she was. Her darker side came towards the end, showing an evil and twisted monster who wants to trap Coraline. The Father and Other Father is voiced by John …show more content…
The message hidden in the film, is to show how important a parent is and not to take them for granted. A person may wish for a different or better parent and the film gave an alternate reality to child who may have wanted that. According to Sandie Chen, “…the story is a two-pronged cautionary tale -- for parents and kids not to take each other for granted, and for people not to dwell on whether the grass is greener, because it could all be a huge, horrifying charade. Coraline ultimately learns that sometimes imperfect, messy lives aren 't always as bad as they seem.” (Chen). The point being made was clear and hidden perfectly throughout the

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