My Fondest Memories Of Childhood Essay

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From an early age, I remember often looking up at the night sky and wondering what was out there in the vastness of space. Noticing this, my father made every attempt to stimulate and encourage my interest in science and nature in general, despite him not coming from a scientific background at all – he was a businessman with a passion for discovery. Growing up, he would frequently take me on hikes and trips to state and local parks, urging me to go outside and appreciate the natural beauty of the world. These times spent together with my father have since become some of my fondest memories of childhood. Rather than traditional toys or video games, he made it a point to buy me educational or otherwise mentally stimulating books and computer games as holiday and birthday gifts, which I thoroughly enjoyed. For one of my first double-digit birthdays, he bought me Carl Sagan’s Cosmos on video which I instantly fell in love with. Many of the topics that Dr. Sagan discussed I was still curious to learn more about. The quest for that knowledge has been the driving force behind my educational pursuits ever since. Needless to say, my father’s intervention was one of the biggest factors in molding the person that I have become. Since that time, however, he and my mother have divorced their marriage, and my father has started a new life for himself elsewhere, and we have lost almost all contact with each other. Despite that, I will always remember the times we spent together and I am…

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