Dementia In Still Alice

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Alice seemed to have the most difficulty in the early stages of Alzheimer 's because it was getting hard for her to accept that she was going through the disease. Alice built her reputation on her knowledge, everyone who knew her would acknowledge her vast curriculum of academic achievements. Alice could begin to feel all of the changes going on in her brain.
On the other hand, the middle to late stages of Alzheimer’s were most difficult for her family to cope with because they realized there was nothing they could do to slow down the deterioration rate.Especially when the realized that Alice could no longer recognize her family members. It also became increasingly difficult because her family no longer felt pity for her; she seemed to be
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I never thought the disease could become something so big. I knew that people with dementia forget about where they are but seeing Alice on her usual run get disoriented, really put things into a real perspective. I also found it very interesting when Alice’s doctor said that people with higher intelligence are affected by Alzheimer 's at a faster rate. Not only did I find that a very interesting fact but ir also had me concerned for my mother because she has vast knowledge and if she were ever to get Alzheimer 's that means her condition would worsen at a rapid rate. Moreover, what I’ve learned about caring for someone with dementia is that you have to be very patient, yes, they will ask you the same question over and over, you’ll have to look over them because they become very child-like but be patient; this is a loved one whom you deeply care about, do not let the disease overtake the love you have for …show more content…
A few years ago my great-grandmother’s condition began to worsen, she began to forget simple things like what day of the week it was or her address, however, no one thought it was anything more than just old age. The time goes by and her condition only worsens but of course she was getting older so no one thought much of it. One afternoon, however, my great-grandmother walked out of the house onto a busy road and kept walking for miles. No one knew where she was or where she was going and we knew that she had no clue either. My grandmother was the one who began to take care of her mother when she needed a full time caregiver. This event took a huge toll on my grandmother. She was no longer living for herself because she had no time do so. It has caused my grandmother depression, she was beyond overwhelmed with all of the stress of having to take care of her mother while also having to work to pay for the rent, food, medicine among many other life necessities. This is where my immediate family comes in, now that my mom and my aunt see that this is taking a significant financial burden on my grandmother we started to send her money… of course being young and immature I was bit jealous of the fact that we weren 't going to be able to go on as many vacations or buy the latest outfit but I did understand the situation so I remember saving up money over the course of a month and giving to my mom so she

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