My First Year High School Essay

1082 Words Jan 30th, 2016 null Page
It was exhausting to be in an English educated high school and was planning to go abroad in the coming year. I had been notified I was enrolled in Seattle Central College during my first-year high school in Taiwan. This school began my foreign country’s journey. Everything surprised me first I came here, the education, the environment, the different values from the different foreign people, which I couldn’t adapt the life in Seattle. As the result, I performed the worst in my college life. In order to ameliorate the school life, I participated the clubs for dwelling myself to speak naturally. Simultaneously, I decided to join the art class, which I felt was the most comfortable and interesting subject for me to learn. The professor taught us design progressively, and the class had not only brought my confidence back but also stimulated my high passion in art. Forasmuch, I began to take art classes in every quarter, which was the only subject that gave me the motivation of doing any other school works. Subsequently, the grades improved in every classes continuously. Thence, I believe that art has probably been the field I should enter. The arts gave the faith for me to advance. During the period of choosing high school, I had considered going to either the culinary school or the art school. It had been a tough time to choose which school to register, since I had been accepted in both the best culinary and art high school in my country. Yet, I decided to go to the art…

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