My First Love - Original Writing Essays

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harbored began wearing me thin. She sparkled even in the dullest of months, putting to shame the beautiful white snow that obscured the dying grass on the frozen ground. I was like that dying grass, I had begun to think. I was still beautiful too, but something far greater than me and that I had no control over had settled on top of me, covering my beauty.
I knew the rules of the game by now. I started to think I could do it without her. She began gravitating to other girls, saying she needed more friends. Yes, she had given me the great push to be where I am, but what did I owe her?
She was my first love. And she’d led me to this wonderland this hell. How could she be slipping away?

My love for her became cold and broken.

While I was only a few pounds heavier, I didn’t have that glow she had promised. I felt as if she hadn’t told me everything. There was something, some rule to this game that she had kept to herself so she could be better. But she had warned me hadn’t she? That no one could be better than her? But she hadn’t said it would feel like this.
I knew that what I had done wasn’t for nothing. I knew that it had been the right thing to do. I still looked spectacular, but I didn’t have her glow. The glow she promised. I still loved her, but it was a bitter type of love. My jealousy was getting the better of me and my constant hunger was wearing me down.
She was the one who had put me on this path, and I couldn’t abandon it now. I couldn’t stray…

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