Essay on My First Impression Of My Life

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My first impression of this poem id that the author is reffering to the sadness felt when remembering the past and thinking about people in life you have lost. While the main focus seems to be sorrow from the death or absense of loved ones, the author has also left the poem open to interpritation as to what could be causing his tears and dispair. I think the most interesting aspect of this poem is how it made me stop and remember things and people in my life that are now gone, I could relate a different experience from my life with each paragraph of the poem which I believe was probably the goal of the author. The relating of one 's own life events draws you in makes you reflect along with Tennyson.

The poem was written during the Romantic Period and reflects several of the themes from that time through its basis on feelings and emtions, the use of refferences to nature, focusing on nostolgia and the gothic theme of the work. In reading the Author 's biography, you can see how his troubled childhood, shaped by an abusive and alcoholic father, and difficult early life would cause him to see the world in a dark and sorrowful way. This could also account for the work 's theme of sadness over “the days that are no more”, possibly referrening to a happier time (maybe before the family fell on hard times). I feel this can be seen in the first paragraph of the poem; he refers to “looking on the happy autumn-fields” which makes me invision a very young and care-free child…

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