Essay about My First Friend On Facebook

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Do you remember your first friend on Facebook? Well I do, it felt like I just got accepted to the most prestigious university in the world. The Facebook University, where you first have to look at the person’s profile picture to accept them, even if you do not know them, the more attractive they are the more chances they have of being accepted. Everyone likes to see people asking them to add them on Facebook or having more than 500 friends on their friend list, because the more followers you have the better your university looks to other people. Facebook helps companies promote their business, help people, make new friends, however it promotes a false society; Facebook increases depression amongst teenagers and causes students to procrastinate on their school work.
Buy my hair product. When I log­in on Facebook I encounter more than one advertisement asking me to purchase their product or to followers their company. Businesses have taken their business to the social network. Why are companies participating in this social advertisement? Simply, because the teenagers do not watch television like they used to in the past. What’s the point of setting in front of a television while you can partake in the same activity in your bedroom where your parents will bother you? Businesses have seen this gap and there are using it to fulfill their target market. According to, “ small businesses offer unique products or services to a smaller range of customers and Facebook…

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