Essay on My Final Year Of High School

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As I move through my final year of high school the time has come that I have to decide what I want to major in. There are many options to choose from, but I need to decide on a major that gives me joy, that I am gifted in, that will benefit others. I believe that the field of education meets all of these requirements. I have always been eager to help others in anyway that I can and to bestow my knowledge upon others. Some might say that a good education won’t change the world, but I believe it will. Teaching gives knowledge to the leaders of tomorrow. I truly love guiding others down the road to success. Teaching and helping others are sources of joy for me. When I am assisting others in whatever it may be, I feel as a sense of joy solely because I am helping someone. I also feel a sense of joy when teaching because I am giving the gift of knowledge. In this money and job hungry world, a good education is the foundation to success. Not only would I be helping a child become more educated, I would also be leading them down the road to success. I believe that my love for teaching came from a teacher that I had in middle school. My eighth grade math teacher taught me that teaching isn’t all about giving tests and homework, it is about instilling others with knowledge. She showed me this through helping me pass math in eighth grade. When I was in middle school, math absolutely terrified me, but through the help of my eighth grade teacher, math has become my strongest…

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