My Fellow Classmate 's Presentation Of The Terror Attack Essay

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Although all my fellow classmate’s presentations were interesting, I found Sindre’s and Isabelle’s presentation of the terror attack that happened in Norway the most valuable. The reason for this is because when the attack happened, the bomb exploded at the government quarter I was just a block away from it, seeing the action with my own eyes. I worked at Optikus Synsam, which is an optician store right beside the government quarter. This was a regular Friday on 22.July 2011.

The Subject of the presentation
The presentation had its subject on the social media and the terrorist attacks in Norway. When the bomb exploded there were several Tweets and Facebook updates about the bomb and speculation of the attacker.
At first it was the sound that made everybody question about what had happened, the explosion broke glass windows in stores around the government quarter, luckily none of our windows in the store broke. When I went out to see what had happened, I notice that people did not panic, rather they just kept asking around themselves what had happened. Suddenly a person screamed “run, there more bombs”, this made people panic and they ran down the street in hope to get as far away possible from the explosion. Some people tripped and hurt themselves, but people kept running in panic of another explosion. My co-workers and I went inside the shop and went down to the basement where we waited for further instructions.
When I checked for information on…

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