Statue Of David Analysis

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I reallyed enjoyed looking at many scultpures but I choose my favourite one which was the staue of David. This was created by Michelangelo which was created from 1501-1504. The statue is 5.17 metres of marble statue. The statue represnts a favourable subject in the arts of Florence, the bibcial hero. Its theme was around the renaissance ages, the artist spent so much time putting in details of his cheat and hair. I can only imagine how long it took to chip away all of these details. I really liked the details used in this statue and how it makes him look so alive. Caravaggio created a life-sized scultpure of Apollo and Daphne. I find this too be so beautiful. The way that Daphne is holding out her hands with such grace and having Apollo admiring her is incredible. This is a baroque sculpture and was made from a slab of marble. I loved this sculptures because of the details that are flowing down from Daphine. The …show more content…
It is 5’ 1” by 5’ 6”this is a very large statue which was created in 1787. I really liked this neo-classical statue because I think it looks really similar too the painting. The wings look incredible and I think the way the artist expressed the emotion in the female, when she is clinging onto his head is beautiful. I find it amazing that they can use such details using marble. The woman is clinging to him which I think is amazing in details. This is another scultpure that I would love to see in person.
The “Falling Gladiator” by William Rimmer stood out too me also, it was created in 1861. It is a bronze statue and is depicting the romantic time period. In this statue the gladiator is holding his fist to his face as if he is disappointed with his defeated. The man echoed the suffering of the United States on the eve of war. When he begin creating this the Union had six states and had attack the Fort Sumter. I think this demanded a lot of attention from the views by the emotion

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