My Father 's Coworker And Close Friend Essay

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My father’s coworker and close friend, Andres Acosta, is a production foreman for a company called SM Energy. One of their facilities is located in Catarina, Texas, about 20 miles from his home, Carrizo Springs, Texas. Andres is the oldest amongst his two siblings, one brother and sister. His father was rarely in his life, so he balanced school and help raising his siblings. He provided a great father figure to his siblings, and always watched over them. His character as a supporting person to others developed when he was young, and stuck with him to this day, and believes it is one of the key reasons why he is successful. He graduated Carrizo Springs High School in 2006 with Honors and the Top 10% of his high school class. Andres later attended the University of Texas at Austin, with the intention of pursuing a degree in Computer Science, and later found that computer engineering was not the career for him. In 2008, the Eagle Ford Shale attracted a lot of oil and natural gas businesses to the Southwest region of Texas, and created an oil boom. Andres sought out to take advantage of the boom, and switched his major from Computer Science to Petroleum Engineering. He received his Bachelor’s in Petroleum Engineering in 2012. Around this time, the oil boom was in full swing and plenty of jobs opened up near Carrizo Springs. Andres applied for many openings and was finally hired as a lease operator at SM Energy in 2013. His constant work ethic and effort would later earn a…

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