Essay about My Father Is The Man Standing Next

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Little did I know that from this picture forward I would have to grow up faster than most children would. I was eight years old exactly when this picture was taken. My father is the man standing next to me. I always was a daddy’s girl and he was the one person I always could look up to, figuratively and literally. As time past, we were a fairly normal family. We ate dinner at the table together. My father had a job, my mother took care of us. It was the real example of the American Dream being lived. We were so happy together other than the small quarrels we would run into, but nothing we could not get over together. 6 years passed and we were still living our lives for the best. I started high school, my younger sister started eighth grade, and my youngest sister started fourth grade. On a Sunday in the middle of April 2014 we were getting to get ready for a regular church secession. My father is usually the one who wakes us up by singing in our ears or bouncing on our beds, but that Sunday he woke up from bed, dizzy and decided he was not going to go to church with the rest of our family. This was strange for him to give up going to church for anything, he stayed home and fell asleep on the couch instead. He woke from sleeping and moved his head and vomited everywhere in the living room. I will not go into more detail on the drive to the hospital, but, My mom helped him to the car and to the hospital where he stayed there for two nights as the doctors analysed him for…

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