Personal Narrative: He Is My Father

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It was three in the morning and the windy air intoxicated the gray clouds in the dark sky. The building I was walking into is dead silent. The only noise came from the woman typing behind her computer and the echoes my footsteps made every time I took a step. “Hello, I’m here to see Gabriel Vargas?” I asked, hoping there would be no records of him ever being admitted. Little did I know I would be coming back again for the next two months. “Okay no problem, and what is your relationship with the patient?” the woman said calmly. “He is my brother.” People go through experiences in certain places that completely change their views in life, and have feelings of nostalgia whenever they pass the area because of their significance. The place that …show more content…
However, I did not realize to the extent of how amazing they really are. They showed how important relation by blood really is. All together as a whole, my family always came to the hospital. Every. Single. Day. It felt so great to see all of them after work around five pm everyday, checking up on my family and Gabriel. Their visitations were endless, and it came to the point where the check in desk in front of the hospital had people who recognized whose room number was my brother’s, because our family members always told them the same thing: “We came here to see Gabriel Vargas in room 311.” I realized how the family bond was unbreakable and stronger than ever, and having them there everyday showed that family love does not wear off and could be eternal if you try hard. After two weeks of hell, my brother finally entered recovery mode around the same time of my birthday. I wouldn’t have loved to spend it anywhere else except with my brother. What my family pulled together is truly unforgettable that day, because they decided to bring my birthday party to my brother at the hospital. The playground at Rady’s that day didn’t have a single cloud in the sky and the sun was brighter than ever. My family was talking on the benches and the kids were running around playing. I approached Gabriel in his wheelchair, and I told him the most sincere words I have ever told him. “Gabriel,” I said to him in soft voice, “I am truly happy everyone is here to spend my birthday with you. We have an amazing family, and we must love and cherish them, because they created all of this for you and I. They didn’t want you to miss out on anything, and because of that, this is the best birthday I’ve ever had.” Naturally, my little brother started pouring ears, but it felt like a beautiful moment because I knew he came to the realization of how much our family has done for us. I felt more happy for my brother than

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