My Father Is The Breadwinner For Our Family Essay

754 Words Dec 11th, 2015 4 Pages
I come from a nuclear family that consists of my father, mother, three siblings and myself. We live in an urban neighborhood in Trenton, New Jersey. We are considered lower class; some would even say we live in poverty. My father is the primary source of income for our family. He accumulates between 35-40 thousand dollars a year and that is what supports our family. Growing up, I never knew my parents struggled. My siblings and I always received everything we have ever wanted and needed. It was not until I came to college that I was able to understand what my parents had to go through to make sure we lived comfortably and was able to accomplish all that we wanted to pursue. Although, my father sometimes struggle to make sure we live comfortably he always get the job done. I believe it is due to the roles he and my mother take on such as the instrumental role and expressive role. My father is the breadwinner for our family. He works extremely hard to make sure he provides food and shelter for our family. He is an awfully strong man; he makes sure he works hard every single day to keep his job. In his line of work, men sometimes age out due to the high levels of physically activity the job demands. However, my father is maturing in age and he cannot move as fast as he used to, but he tries his best and it still pays off. My mother on the contrary is the homemaker. She provides the family with emotional support and nurturing that sustains our family’s unit. My mother may not…

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