My Father Is A Muslim And My Mother Essay

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Everything is One
Growing up religion was always a sensitive subject due to my parents having different beliefs and religious backgrounds. My father is a Muslim and my mother is a Christian. Being the youngest of five, I was highly influenced by my parents. When I was young I would go with my mom to church on Sundays and pray in the mosque with my father on Thursdays; in order to make them both happy. Unfortunately, my parents would argue over many issues due to having such different philosophies and beliefs. My father had always wanted me to follow the Islamic religion like himself. Growing up my father did not allow me to play certain sports due to the uniform being too revealing. I was not allowed to wear bathing suits at the pool or beach. Additionally, I was never allowed to wear anything but pants and long sleeves. These rules brought me plenty frustration because it altered my freedom as a child. Truthfully, I felt very limited and almost oppressed. My parents dealt with many of their own differences, which led to them getting a divorce. I began to believe that religion separated people instead of bringing them together. So as time passed, I found myself straying away from all religions in general.
Eventually, I found myself feeling lost and upset with the concept of religion. Due to my parents always arguing and eventually getting a divorce, I began to study both Islam and Christianity. I studied them both with the attempt to get a better understanding as to why…

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