Essay on My Family Planning : A Traditional Chinese Family

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I live in a traditional Chinese family. I am the only child in our family because of the family planning. The family planning is a kind of birth control produced from government aimed to limit the population in China. I don’t have other brothers or sisters to play together and also I was too young to go to school. It means that I stay with my grandparents since the morning my mother went to work and she will pick me up when she finished work.

I really want my parents could spend time to play with me and never go back to work because I always feel bored when I was in my grandparents’ home. One day, my mom told me that I need to learn something so that I could adapt school life after entering school. At first, it’s attract me to look the illustration inside book: every picture seems like contain some “special meaning”. I even didn’t finish reading when I totally bored with illustrations, the “special meaning” is also gone. Having nothing to do begin my daily states again, although my parents told me to learn something. During a long while that my parents made my grandparents to forcing me reading books, everything looks worse than before. Every single day I hated to get up, I hated to wear cloth, I hated to sit on the car, I hated to see my grandfather’s face… I just know they always pushed me to read, read, read. If things develop here, you may think that I will be a child who will never be willing to learn, to read when I enter elementary school.…

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