Essay on My Family Of A Common Ancestor

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I looked up the dictionary definition of family, and this is what it included: “all the descendants of a common ancestor” or “a group consisting of parents and children living together in a household.” My definition of family is much different than that. It 's less analytical and generalized. Every family is different, you can 't count on there always being a dad or mom etc, so I made my own definition: “the people in your life your life that love you the most and will always be there for you, even if you 're not biologically related.” I’m going to describe my family unit, my place in it, and what sets my family apart.

I thought I would include a background of my family to illustrate how different both sides are. My family on my dad’s side is half Greek, which gives them the distinct larger noses, darker complexion, and black hair. Luckily I didn’t receive the bigger nose, nor did my dad. However, I did receive a last name that no one can ever pronounce. Plus, I am going to confirm a common stereotype; yes we really do have a lot of cousins. On the other half of my dad’s side, they are Latvian. Latvia is a country many don’t recognize of the top of their head, but it is just as important in my heritage as the Greek part. The Latvian side mostly all have blonde hair and pale complexion, except nobody told my grandma’s genes because she had black hair in her youth. This is why my complexion isn’t as dark as my relatives. I have a mix of the two polar opposite shades. On…

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