Essay on My Family, My Sister, Terra, And My Life

1256 Words Aug 21st, 2015 null Page
As a young child, my parents were my number one, they were everything to me. Every birthday, holiday, even every moment of happiness, sadness, and hardship were all experienced around both my parents. I loved them and they loved me, yes we did have our challenges, but at the end of the day we were happy and there was nothing in my mind that could ever take something that beautiful away from me. Although I do struggle and wish I had a happy childhood, what matters most is that my family is together, maybe not physically but at heart, and we work together every day to fight challenges that we face.
We lived in a nice house in Tempe, Arizona; the house was big and had many adventures for both my sister and I to explore. We loved it there! My sister, Terra, and my brother Boaz, were my siblings, they did everything you could imagine to me. They would wreck my room and blame it on me, and of course I would get in trouble for it, but being the older sister I had to always be the example and sometimes that meant taking the punishment like a champ. Although we had our moments, life was great, really great.
As I grew up, life for my parents became harder, they fought more than normal and our connection started to weaken, we were no longer that happy family. My parents had dug a hole of debt and slowly we were losing everything. We lost our house 2 times, some of our vehicles, and more importantly one another. Though still being a child and yet old enough to know things weren’t…

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