My Family : My Grandmother Essay

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My grandparents worshiped my aunt who was only 10 months younger because to them she was prettier. Due to this she looked for love in all the wrong places. She was only sixteen years old when she got pregnant with her first child. Shermyra’s father left when my mom was only 5 months pregnant. My sister Shermyra was born on December 22, 1988, the day before my mother’s 17th birthday.
Much of my views on relationships are based on those of both my mom and my grandmothers. Many of their children were born out of wedlock. It seems as though marriage was not an important thing in my family. Also, the relationship with my grandparents show me what relationship I would not want to have. My grandmother catered to my grandfather and he never satisfied. She was so unhappy that she felt like death was the only way out of their relationship. My mom then somewhat followed in this pattern and was abused throughout my adolescent life. I vow that a man will never hit me and if it ever comes to that point, I promise to leave.
My paternal grandmother Magdalena Pierre was born in 1948 on the island of Saint Lucia. She immigrated to the U.S Virgin Islands in the early 1970’s and was deported four times under different names. My grandmother was so adamant to get into the U.S that she had four passports under her sibling’s names. She was never deported under her legal name but under her sister’s names. She finally gained citizenship in 1975 after marrying a man from Vieques who was…

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