My Family : My Grandmother Essay

1866 Words Nov 4th, 2015 null Page
In this paper I choose to interview my grandmother. I thought that her experience with adulthood and different changes that happen in her life would be an interesting story to share and know more about. Saadia is 76 years old and she is my paternal grandmother which I lived with her all my life before I got married and move to the United States.
My grandmother is from Morocco. Her parent never send her to school. When she was a little girl she lost her father and when she turned to the early adulthood she lost her mother. Also she had one brother that she lost couple decade ago. When she was a 17 years old, she got married and started her adulthood responsibilities earlier in life starting with taking care of home that include her husband and his parent. Then she experienced the parenting process in early age too. She gave birth to nine kids. In our religion the men is allowed to marry more than one woman at the time and that was also something that she experienced. My grandfather married another women which was a big shock for her after long years of marriage. She could not do anything about that she got made of him but she stayed married to him because she is depend on him financial and she does not have anyone to go too. Those are some of the thing that make me think about doing this paper about him but I still have many question that are going to be discussed later in this paper regarding those experiences and other experiences that she had during her early, middle and…

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