Essay about My Family Is Really Close

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My family is really close. It might be because of the war that my mom and her siblings had to endure, or maybe because that’s just how they grew up. Either way, I’m thankful for it. Or, at least, I thought I was. In Cambodian, all aunts and uncles older than your parents are called “Oum.” All aunts younger than your parents are called “Ming,” while all younger uncles are called “Pou.” Older relatives in your generation are called “Bong,” while all younger ones are called “Oun.” Sometimes they’re not even relatives, but it’s hard to know because the community is so close. If you’re especially close to someone, for example, a sibling, a lot of the time we only use one or the other, the title or the name. The family I’m closest to, outside of my immediate family, is Ming Pov’s family. That family consists of Pou Phan, Ming Pov, Bong Kevin, and Juliann. Well, it did. But that’s a matter for later. My family likes to have a lot of family parties. Generally just a dinner or something like that where the host invites over whoever they want and everyone brings food. Everyone stays in their groups in the parties. The adults with the adults; the older people in my generation stay together, often in a single room; and then my sister and Juliann and I, as well as the little kids if they felt like it. Every time someone walked into a house on a party day, there would be shouts of “Hey! It’s been a while!” or “You have to try this!” Even though it was probably not…

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