Essay on My Family Is An Extended Family

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My family is an extended family who currently reside in Crystal City, Texas. My family as far as I can remember had always been a migrating family, it started with my great grandparents. My family still migrated early in my childhood. Growing up in a migrating family helped me gain experiences and knowledge of different cultures. Migrating with my family was one of my best childhood memories. Having my cousins sharing the experience with me and making new friends across the country defined who I am today. It has also helped me greatly appreciate what my family does for me. As a result of annually migrating we have formed a very tight bond. I was born in 1999and most of my cousins are in the same age group so we grew up as childhood friends. My family is an extended family, we live on one piece of land that contains two households, "the bills and responsibilities of the land are divided throughout our family" (Patricia Rodriguez) My mom, siblings, grandparents and aunt all live in one big house, while my uncle and his children and wife live in the house right next to us. I think this was very helpful since we would travel all the time and wouldn’t have any really close friends in school. The holidays are also very eventful when having a big family, we have traditions like eating together on Thanksgiving and opening presents together at midnight on Christmas Eve. It is very helpful and useful to have family constantly there to support and encourage me. In the past there…

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