My Family : Indo Guyanese Essay

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There was chatter everywhere and an excited buzz filled the school. My mother scanned the hallways, searching for a certain room number that would match the one that was listen on the paper in her hands. A large “Welcome” banner decorated the entrance of the school and white balloons were swaying next it it. I looked out at the sea of unfamiliar people passing me until my mom gently tugged at me to show me that we had arrived at the classroom. She kissed me goodbye and told me to have a great day as I bravely entered the room. When I walked in, something felt off; but I couldn’t quite place it. I looked around the room curiously and that 's when I saw it; I was the only Guyanese child in a sea of African American children.
From the moment I stepped into my kindergarten class, I knew I stood out. My family was Indo-Guyanese, so they basically grew up in a Caribbean environment and followed Indian traditions. I had long, silky black hair with very tan skin. Everyone else had smooth dark skin and hair that never quite reached their shoulders. I felt like a fish out of water; I didn’t belong in the environment I was in. I know now it wasn’t just my looks that set me apart. It was the food I ate, the culture I celebrated and the way I pronounced certain words.
I think the first part of me that I began to hide was my culture. When my teacher asked us to share to the class what we had for dinner, I felt awkward being the only kid to reply “beef curry and rice” against the many…

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