Creative Writing: The Necklace

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I spent most nights thinking about her and how she was no longer existent. A stone replaced her with her name engraved on it. I stared at it feeling unsatisfied because she just meant so much more in my eyes. She was now lying down still with a stone above her head showing the world she once lived.
I found it odd how all-living things become objects or some historical monument at the end of their lives. Something stationary that people admire or reflect on. I found myself crying one late night as I brushed my teeth in front of Mathilde’s bathroom sink. I was perfectly fine and the second I spat out the remaining toothpaste from my mouth to the sink, I bursted into unexplainable tears. Maybe it was because we once shared the same toothbrush.
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We walked together as the sun grew brighter and suddenly we stood in front a 1970’s looking building with a warm yellow façade. There were students huddled in their cliques as they watch they watched fresh faces enter the building timidly. Theo’s face began changing into a light shade of pink as he clenched his sweaty fingers together. I could tell by the look of his face that he wanted to disappear but, yet a little anxious to know what was waiting for him behind those front doors. We stood on the grass underneath a tree facing the front steps as flying Frisbees flew over our heads. I looked at Theo with a sincere look on only hoping I’d help him build his confidence on his very first day of high …show more content…
“Câlin?” Mathilde asking opening her arms wide open. He blushed and hugged her with a tiny smirk on his face. “Have a good day at school,” she told him as he began walking towards the front steps and the other kids had their eyes on him.
“Wait! Theo!” I called him.
“Yeah?” He turned around to face my direction.
“You’ll hate high school while you’re in there, but you’ll miss it in college. I can guarantee you that.”
He gently smiled at us one last time and walked indoors.
“I really hope we hang out again next summer,” I said.
“Don’t you guys see each other often?”
“During the summer yes, but as for the school year… not as much. He has homework and I work. We hang out a few times during the school year. Mostly ped days. He’s just a really good kid.”
“I’m sure you’ll hang out soon,” she chuckled.
“I hope we do. Hopefully I won’t be too old and boring for him next

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