My Family Birth Order, Composition, Relationship, And How They Affect My Development

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Sibling Relationship
Exploring my family birth order, composition, relationship, and how they affected and continue to affect my development. Born to a mother who is half African - American / half Caucasian and a father who is half Indian / half Bahamian, my family knows no color boundaries. My mother and father are from large families; therefore, it is no wonder they had eight kids of their own. My father had a son before my mother making it altogether nine sibling, five boys and 4 girls. We all are close as close could be. My family birth order is as follows: my half-brother Roy is the oldest. Michiel is the next oldest, but the oldest child between my mother and father. The third oldest and the oldest girl is Stephania. I have a brother who died two weeks after birth; he is the fourth oldest. My brother Rodney is the fifth oldest. He is known as my twin. I had a sister who died three months after birth. She is the sixth sibling. I am the seventh child. Next to me is my brother Eric and next to him is the baby, Tracie. Now, there is another brother, Travis. Travis is really a cousin who was adopted by my parents. He is the youngest of us all. So, in actuality it is ten of us.
Although, I am the seventh child I was / am known as the spoiled child of the family. Many people think I am the baby of the bunch. Actually, that is how my mother and father treated me. My brothers and sisters would say it was due to my size (being the largest in the family). I believe it was for…

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