My Family At The United States Essay

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We all have different types of families but here’s a quick look at mine. I don’t come from your typical nuclear family(Cohen,2015) . My family started off with just my mom and me. After my biological left his own way. My mom migrated from Mexico when she was only fifteen years old right along with me by her side, I was only 1 month old. Arriving to the united states was not easy for my mom. She had to get use to the customs and traditions. While trying to raise me she still attended college and worked as well. She was not only my mom but my father figure. She was the bread winner and the homemaker (Cohen,2015). I admire her so much and she definitely has to do a lot with who I am today.
After arriving to the united states my mom met some amazing people, who I call now my personal family. Carmen who I call my aunt and Zulema and Haydee who I call my cousins their family became my family. We spend every holiday together. We care and love for each other like any other family would. I am so thankful that I met them because, they have helped mom and I tons ever since I was a baby.
I do have my own biological family in Mexico. Although we don’t see each other to often we still keep I touch trough the phone or even skype. I have never met my grandfather, but one day I wish to see him. My family in Mexico consist of my grandma who is a very young grandma, she’s in her 50s and my aunt and uncle Augustin and Atzin. I miss them dearly and I hope one day have them living with us.…

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