Essay on My Family And My Sister

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When I was growing up, I thought everything was going great. My mom and dad were together, loved each other, and my family was my life. When my little sister was born, she was my world and my older sister always took care of us. I would come home and see my mom and dad be happy together, but then my mom started to have problems and became a single mother raising five children. When mom would come home, she would hit us if we did anything wrong, so I learned to wear extra clothes.

My youngest sister started to get into drugs and I would even see her selling. Eventually, one of my brothers and one of my sisters moved to Mexico with their dad. It broke my heart when they left, because I was only a little boy wanting my family together. When their dad picked them up, I chased after the car and fell in the street crying because they were leaving me. I was only four years old, but I have still have a vivid picture in my head. I didn’t really know what was going on...

My mom was into drugs and I would see her in the kitchen cooking drugs with strange people coming over. I eventually started selling for her at a young age. She would tell me to “give this to the person when they come to the door.” I didn’t even know what it was...I just knew I got money for it.

Some years went by and I left to New York City with my sister because we both have the same dad and were able to live with him. But we chose to come back to our mom because my sister cried every night for her. My dad was…

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