My Family And My Childhood Home Essay

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Between third and fifth grade, my family and I moved from my childhood home, which my parents had owned together, to a duplex and then to an apartment. According to my mother, we moved because she needed a fresh start with her new husband. The last move placed me in a different school. I had been at my previous school, Heber Hunt, since kindergarten. At Heber Hunt, I had friends, I knew the teachers, and I felt comfortable. My classmates didn’t often focus on clothes or the stuff we had; we just played kickball, jump rope, four square, and school. I especially loved playing school. I was always the teacher, and from an early age, a big part of me wanted to be a teacher. When I started at Horace Mann, those kids weren’t interested in playing school or jumping rope; they went to the movies and talked about songs like Sir Mix-a-lot’s “Baby Got Back.” It was an interesting school because the district bussed the students from Walnut Hills, an up-scale housing edition, to the school, which also had student who attended from the neighborhoods around the school, a poorer area in some spots. Before attending Horace Mann, I had very little awareness of class; after attending that school, I became hyper aware of it, and it changed my ability to feel comfortable in school. My fifth grade year of school was particularly hard because my mom getting a divorce. Because of the divorce and recovering from my stepfather’s messy spending habits, we had no money. Additionally, often times, my…

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