Essay about My Family And Family Values

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Like others, I never thought of my life or my family as "normal." My oldest sister and I were born to the same mother and different fathers. Even though we were not “full-siblings” we never considered it as such, therefore I grew up with a mother and two “fathers.” Furthermore, my household was multicultural, Puerto Rican on my biological father 's side, African-American, and Caucasian on my mother 's side. I constantly worked to balance and interconnect my multiple ethnicities and numerous assorted family values. This background helped create the foundation that set the tone for my life: compassion, acceptance, and balance.

I spent my primary school years in South Sacramento a diverse and suburban city with my biological mother, father, and sister. During my youngest years, I attended a local Christian school and played with my sister and neighbors in the park within our townhouse complex. My sister and I loved to spend our summers with our grandmother who would spoil us much to the chagrin of my mother. At this time I had the perfect balance, I was taught several skills necessary to be partially independent such as doing laundry or making my own breakfast and lunch; but I was still treated as a child and regularly coddled. I remember these years as an incredibly positive influence on my life.

For the last two years of elementary school, my family moved to Elk Grove, and these years were a stark difference from the prior phase of my life. The difficulties began when my…

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