Essay about My Fair Lady

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My fair lady

When I started watching this movie in the class, I thought it would be a little bit boring and it is just kind of classical old movie. But it was not true. ‘My fair lady’ was really interesting and a great enjoyment to me. As soon as the movie started, Eliza Doolittle’s voice brought me to attention to the movie. Her cracking voice and pronunciation which I never heard were good enough to pay attention to the movie. Also the atmosphere based on the early 1900s’ London captured me.
Before I watched ‘my fair lady’, I didn’t know anything about the movie, so I expected Eliza is a pretty and cultured woman. But Eliza was just countrified flower woman. It was also very surprising me.
After she met the professor Higgins
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I think it was the funniest scene in ‘my fair lady’, especially her behaviors in the racecourse. But a few days later, there was final test’s party and in there the queen invited Eliza to dance with her son. Finally, she became a perfect lady who was admired from other ladies. She didn’t use strange sound and dialect anymore and her attitudes and manners were also feminine as well as her appearance including her dress. Although Eliza got triumph at the party, she decided to leave Higgins’ house because she was confused with her identity and she also was disappointed with Higgins. Eventually Eliza left the Higgins’ house with Freddy who loves her so much. Although she knew Freddy loves her so much, she cut off him because she loves Higgins so much. But she couldn’t say how much she love him because Higgins always looked down her and still regarded her as just dirty flower girl. But Higgins was getting lonely and afraid of being alone. He realized he can’t live without Eliza. But he couldn’t say what’s on his mind. They just argued each other many times. Finally, Eliza left him and Higgins regretted he didn’t catch her while he was going back his home. In this scene, they looked like they had a lovers’ quarrel. I really like Eliza’s confident attitude that was changed. When she said to him everything that she wants to talk, I felt like a load’s been taken off my chest for Higgins. I disliked him because he only knows himself and he looked like he had two faces based on

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