"My Fair Lady" Analysis Essay

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My Fair Lady
Film Analysis

CHARACTERS: * Eliza Doolittle: A cockney flower girl from Lisson Grove working outside Covent Garden. Her potential to become “a lady” becomes the object of bet between Higgins and Pickering. * Henry Higgins: British, Upper Class professional bachelor who is a famous phonetics expert, teacher and author of “Higgins’ Universal Alphabet.” * Colonel Pickering, Higgins's friend and fellow phoneticist who is a retired Brisiths officer with colonial experience and the author of “Spoken Sanskrit”. * Alfred P. Doolittle: Eliza's father, an elderly but vigorous dustman. * Freddy Eynsford-Hill: Upper Class young man who becomes completely smitten with Eliza. * Mrs. Higgins: Higgins's socialite
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: Eliza’s father comes to Higgins to extract some money from him. Higgins is impressed by the way he speaks. Meanwhile, Eliza goes through many forms of speech training. Just as things seem hopeless, Higgins softens his harsh attitude and she suddenly ‘gets it’. * Climax: Higgins takes her on her first public appearance to Ascot Racecourse. She makes a good impression, but shocks everyone by her Cockney accent and slang when she gets excited. She captures the heart of a young man named Freddy Eynsford-Hill. Finally, Higgins takes Eliza out to the Embassy Ball, where she stuns everyone. After the ball, Higgins is so excited about his triumph and his pleasure that the experiment is now over. * Falling Action: Eliza feels used and abandoned. She walks out on Higgins and goes back to Covent Garden, but nobody recognizes her now. She sees her father there and finds out that he’s getting married. After Eliza is gone, Higgins soon realizes that he has ‘grown accustomed to her face’. Higgins finds Eliza at his mother’s house, and he attempts to talk her into coming back to him. Eliza rejects him and leave. * Conclusion: Higgins makes his way home, missing Eliza very much. He plays his recordings to listen to Eliza’s voice. To Higgins’s great delight, Eliza returns to him.

CONFLICT AND POINT OF VIEW: The conflict of the film is an example of an internal conflict since Eliza Doolittle struggles to

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