My Experience With My Life Essays

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People will come in and out of your life and each will leave some imprint in your mind and heart. Whether they be pleasant or not is up to that person in question. Some people quietly sneak into your life and change your whole way of thinking. This such thing happened to me when I met my significant other, Mano. I chose this person because our relationship is new, and because I have longer conversations with him than other close friends and family, I would be more likely to experience something out of the ordinary than I would with someone I have known a long time. He doesn’t know that I am writing this paper based on our relationship, but if he did, he would only ask why and then leave it to rest once I gave him an answer. I met Mano in the beginning of October and from talking almost every day, I have learned a lot and gained an insight I wouldn’t otherwise have had. I think that it is important to form relationships, or at least talk to people from varying backgrounds and cultures because those people can and do enrich your life. Mano was born in Turkey and grew up in the Middle East, having only moved to the United States a few years ago, and therefore, still has a relatively strong accent. This can sometimes be a hindrance to our communication, but overall does not cause any major problems that can’t be fixed. We have a long-distance relationship, as he is in the army and lives in North Carolina, but we video chat each other almost every day. Though this isn’t my ideal…

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