My Experience Of My English Essay

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On 23rd May 2008, I landed on the land of opportunity—United States. I spent two months in the two bedroom apartment with my family, with nothing to do. We didn’t have the computer, even not the television in our house. I spent my time reading the Urdu books which I brought with me from Pakistan. After two months I went to Westfield High School for the registration. They enrolled me in 9th grade. It was disappointing to me because when I came from Pakistan I passed the exams of 9thgrade there with 93%. My School in Pakistan promoted me from 7th grade after 1st semester to 9thgrade, due to my good progress. And by taking 93% board examination for ninth grade I proved them to be right. I received a call from Westfield High School foreign department to come and take the English test. I went and took the test. My English has always been my low point, because it is not my first language and I never took any English courses before. Well! I went to take that test. I took that test and the gentle lady who gave me the test said to my father at the end, “Look! He is not too good and neither he is bad. He is somewhere in between it. But, you know I will ask the counselor to place him in English 2H.” Honestly speaking I even didn’t know, what is an honour, regular or an AP class is at that time. Oh! I even spell honors as honour at that time and color was colour. I took four honors classes in my ninth grade, having no clue what honors class is. I got 93% in my English 2H class in…

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