Personal Narrative: My First Night After Math

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First Night After Math:

For my first night of sleep, I had only gotten roughly 4 hours of rest with a quick interruption lasting around 5 minutes. I remember having a vivid dream, which is a usual occurrence for my sleeping habits. When I had first woken up, I had actually felt rejuvenated and well-rested. I had been able to perform well within my group meeting for another class project. However, I found myself feeling quite exhausted around 3:00 PM which prompted me to take a nap. Upon waking up from about a 60 minute nap I felt incredibly disoriented and groggy. I am led to believe that during the 4 hours of sleep I have been able to achieve both Slow-Wave Sleep and REM sleep, however, during this nap I hadn 't entered REM sleep. I am left to believe that I hadn 't entered REM sleep during this time because as (pg. 192) states, people who feel groggy and or confused were typically awoken within stage 4 SWS, whereas people who are awoken during REM sleep are alert and attentive. I was definitely far from the latter. After waking and feeling groggy, my cognitive abilities
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During this night I had 2 vivid dreams, which is a characteristic of REM sleep, which can bee seen on (pg.193) of the text. I typically have very vivid dreams throughout the night. It should also be noted that most REM sleep cycles only last around 90 minutes (pg. 193) and I had been asleep for up to 9 hours during this night, prompting me to believe that I had undergone both REM sleep and of course SWS. I also don 't recall having any sleeping disturbances that had caused me to wake during the night aside from possibly waking when the dreams had ended. During this day I felt not only alert but also incredibly productive for majority of the day. It seems that this past night 's sleep played a very large role in my performance on this day, especially in comparison to the 1st night 's

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