Essay on My Experience At The Steering Wheel

2029 Words Nov 5th, 2016 9 Pages
I would first like to say that this assignment has been one of the most eye opening and trying assignments for me during this entire program. This assignment truly opened my eyes and made me have a better understanding as to why patients can sometimes be noncompliant with splint wearing.
On Monday after receiving my splint I immediately put it on and decided that I would drive home wearing it. I noticed I was having a hard time maintaining a cylindrical grasp on the steering wheel. Upon looking at the steering wheel I noticed that in certain areas the wheel was bulkier so I positioned my hand on a smaller section of the steering wheel. Once I moved my hand I could get a better cylindrical grasp and I felt safer driving. I would say the areas on the steering wheel that I felt the most comfortable and safe where the areas of twelve, one, and two. About fifteen to twenty minutes down the road I began to notice sweating in my palm and anterior surface of my forearm. I tried turning my AC up and running some cold air into the splint however; I was not very successful because I did not have a large enough space between my splint and my palm for the air to pass through. For some odd reason I immediately began to panic. I cannot stand to sweat and the splint was sticking to my forearm causing it to pull on my skin if I performed forearm pronation or supination. I tried to fight through the anxiety but it was literally building up in my chest and I had to remove the splint and wipe…

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