My Experience At My Family Essay

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I was born on February 25th 1998 at St Michael 's hospital in Toronto. I grew up in a part of Toronto called Bloor west village where I lived with my parents and my sister Lauren who is three years older than me. I attended Runnymede public school for both junior and senior kindergarten. My interests in my toddler years were T-ball, skiing and going to park with my best friend Carson. I learned to ski at a very young age, I was just 18 months when I first attempted to put on my sister equipment by myself but I legitimately started to ski at age 3 but later at age 5 made the switch to snowboarding. My family is and has always been a big ski family as we go to our ski chalet at beaver valley ski club every weekend of the ski season and spend every Christmas there. Beaver valley is where I started my love for skiing and snowboarding which is still a big part of my life.

In 2004 my family made the move to Fredericton New Brunswick. In Fredericton I went to a school called Garden Creek elementary and this is where i made my best friends Jack and Matt. During the winters I played Basketball and ended up making a rep basketball ball team in the 5th grade called the Fredericton Kats. My family and I also skied at Crabbe mountain where i spent all my winter weekends if i wasn 't playing basketball. In the summers I would spend my time playing soccer and skateboarding with my friend Matt or just hang around the neighborhood and play games like capture the flag…

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