My Experience At High School Essay

1611 Words Sep 19th, 2016 7 Pages
Freshman year seems like an eternity ago and just yesterday at the same time. It is hard for me to believe that this is my last year in high school. It scares me, but I know I will enjoy my memories from these four years my entire life. Throughout my high school career, I have grown from a light hearted, naive child to a determined, well-rounded young woman. The journey I have taken during high school reminds me in many ways of what my horse has gone through over the past years. She has had a lot of bumps along the road, as have I in my personal life. Many people might have given up a long time ago. My hard work in both my own life and the training of my horse are starting to pay off. Similar to my mare going through training, my high school career has come with highs and lows; however, we both got stronger despite the challenges life threw our way. High school looked good from the outside. It was in a nice building, and everyone got along. Things were hunky-dory. It was the perfect picture. School started out all fun and games. I was a big kid now, in the big important building, with the big kids. These years were going to be a breeze. Heck, I even got to choose the classes I wanted to take! My locker was right beside my then-best-friend’s locker. How could things possibly go wrong? The scene was very similar a year and a half earlier, when I bought my very first horse. My dad found her online. She was a cute little thing, only four at the time. She was being trained by…

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