My Experience As A Student Essay example

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Theoretical Framework

“How can I create opportunities in my social science classroom for learners to engage with social science and historical material and build historical connections rather than memorize content?”

My Experience as a Student

I attended Shadow Mountain High School in Phoenix, Arizona in the 1980s. Shadow Mountain was located in a middle- to upper-middle, primarily white, suburban neighborhood. My experience with teachers and the acquisition of the content they taught varied based on my interest levels. In classes where we completed projects, participated in experiential learning activities, and I created a relationship with the subject matter, I excelled and was enrolled in advanced (GATE, Gifted and Talented Education) classes. In classes that required rote learning, worksheets, and anything dealing with algebraic math, I “tuned out” and was an average student. I always justified my performance and motivation based on these criteria.
The one content area where I consistently excelled in my academic career was the area of social sciences. Social studies teachers were consistently able to tap into my interests and generate an enthusiasm for the subject matter and learning overall. For me, social science classrooms gave me a framework to see the world around me and develop a natural curiosity about other cultures, geography, and politics, and eventually led to my interest in social issues.
Although I always took an interest in social studies, I…

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