Essay about My Experience After The Revolutionary War

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When I went on my adventure I was surprise to find some of the stuff that I found. To start I never would have expected to find a person buried in my home town that fought in the Revolutionary War or even The Civil War as well. But from what I come to realize is that my town has more history than I thought it had. The next thing that I found shocking was the number of infants that were buried, and the time period that they were buried. The one thing that I could not find was an exact date of 1918. I did however find dates that were fairly close like 1917 and 1916. The reason why I would think that these two dates would fall into this category is because if you look at their husbands and wives you can see that they did not pass until 15 or more years later. Which I found very interesting because who knows they could have had an early case of the disease. The one thing that I had no clue about was the location of my great grandparents. I was able to find the location in a nearby cemetery which really was something that not only shocked me, but it made me realize that all of my family history is truly located in this small-town area. Next I was easily able to find people who fought in both WWI and WWII. But the one thing that I found most interesting was a man by the name of John Clemson. Not only was he able to serve in the First World War but he was also lucky to serve in the Second one as well. From seeing all the veterans that are buried nearby it makes me become thankful…

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